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Our policy of commercial trips, visits and personal meeting with the end-users of our products, not only pretend to introduce our company, our organisation, our history, the convenience of the utilization of our products, etc…, but also they have a very important component, highly appreciated by all our customers, which is provide assistance and establishing both parameters and theoretic-practical guidelines in each specific case, in order to optimize and improve the milling processes at the factories. Our knowledge and experience at this specific milling field, which is every day more important to reach the optimum, and improved, quality at the final products (tiles, sanitary, etc…), let us to advise in a proper way, to end-users how they can get a better performance in this process, which become not only more efficient but also, in the majority of cases, would be a saving to the customer, because they reduce the milling time, with a energetic saving, less consumption in grinding media, etc…

Because there is not any technical and specific literature for this process, and basically due to assortment range of mills that every end-users have(either continuous, batches, modular ones), due to different raw materials to be ground (frits, enamels, pigments, minerals,…), or due the variety of particle sizes, so as to the different types of milling in dry, or wet, conditions.

Our personalized advices to each end-user, it is highly appreciated and once it put in to practice, our customers get in each case, optimum results. With only few specific details requested, we issue dossiers and recommendations to be follow, helping to customers at their milling process to be more efficient.

Said policy of visiting customers abroad, of exclusive advising, of personal contacts, as well, have made that the demand and use of our products worldwide, continues increasing year by year; and at the same time increase the prestigious of both our company and our products.

We have even available a service for installing alumina linings, formed by a team of workers and technicians, highly qualified; and with enough experience installing linings in numerous countries, and ready to travel around the world.

The lining installation in a mill, which inside surface is curved and sometimes irregular, always requires specific workers with experience for doing the installation.

Hito Technical Industries, S.L. offers to its customers, at countries anywhere in the world, lining installation services which guarantee the maximum durability of linings life.

Experience combined with youth and dynamism of our installation team, are both recognized and confirmed by hundreds of installations made during last 30 years, at following countries: Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Czech Rep., Ukraine, Tunisia, Egypt, Turkey, Morocco, Algeria, Vietnam, P.R. China, Venezuela, Colombia, etc.