Medium-High density alumina balls HITO 82MD

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Main Raw MaterialCalcinate Alumina
Alumina Content (%)≥ 82
Specific Weight (g/cm3)≥ 3.45
Colour White
Moh´s Hardness 9
Compressive Strength (Mpa)≥ 1800
Al2O3(%)≥ 82.51
SiO2(%)≥ 10.62
CaO (%)≥ 1.53
Others (%)≥ 5.34
301 ¼
401 ½
602 ½

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Alumina balls HITO 82MD are medium-high density ones comparables with other high density balls with much more alumina content, being very efficient when the grinding process is not so exigent, where it is not necessary to get extremely fine particle sizes, and when densities and hardness of raw materials, to be ground, are not the main factor.

Alumina balls HITO 82 MD have very good mechanical properties due to their high alumina content; their lower wear rates can easily compete against many balls present in the markets with better performances and called “high density” ones, but with a more economic price.

These kinds of balls are perfect for grinding clays, pastes, etc…and all kind of raw materials with low density and hardness, normally not recommended for milling with low density balls.


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