Special alumina wear resistance pieces

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Main Raw MaterialCalcinate Alumina
Alumina Content (%)≥ 92
Specific Weight (g/cm3) 3.65 ± 0.05
Moh´s Hardness9
Vickers Hardness (0.5 kg)1200 ± 50
Compression Resistance (Mpa)2300 ± 50
Al2O3 (%)≥ 92
SiO2 (%)≥ 5.62
CaO (%)≤ 1.48
Na2O (%)< 0.1
Others (%)≥ 0.8

We have available standard pieces, in mosaic forms of 284x284x10 (mm) (with individual pieces of 20x20x10 mm), and pieces with tile forms of 100x45x10 (mm), as well as a wide range of special pieces to cover specific necessities at each application.

Due to the high number of existing applications where the wear resistance pieces are required, and due to suitable of the different possibilities, please consult with our technical department about the necessary pieces are needed for each application.

Data and specifications contained in this form may be subject to any change or modification by the manufacturer without notice. In case you need any clarification or you have any query, please contact our  technical department.


The Hito Technical Industries, S.L. alumina wear resistance pieces, are characteristic by their high mechanic properties, which give them and excellent performances in front of the wear. With a high resistance against any chemical attack and it high temperature resistance made that said kind of pieces are appropriate for using at all kind of industries.

The alumina wear resistance pieces, from decades have been utilized as protection elements in all kind of equipments and installations, which suffer abrasions and wears. Our wear resistance pieces are designed to protect industrial installations such as: turbines, cyclones, pipes, bunkers,…which works in extreme abrasion conditions or corrosion at all industrial sectors.

A good protection against abrasion and wear, gives an optimum efficiency at industrial equipments and installations, during a much longer period, avoiding unnecessary stop at the process, which improve the production costs.


  • Bolas de alúmina de alta densidad HITO 92HDHigh density alumina balls HITO 92HD
  • Bolas de alúmina de media-alta densidad HITO 82MDMedium-High density alumina balls HITO 82MD
  • Bola de alúmina de densidad media Hito 70BTCMedium density alumina balls Hito 70BTC
  • RevestimientosHigh density alumina linings HITO 92HD
  • Medium-High density alumina linings HITO 82MD
  • Piezas especiales de alúmina anti-desgasteSpecial alumina wear resistance pieces
  • Micro esferas de alúmina de alta densidad HITO ZHHigh density alumina micro spheres HITO ZH
  • Ceramic Proppants HITO “LightWeight”Ceramic Proppants HITO “LightWeight”