Ceramic proppants HITO “light weight”

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16 / 30 20 /4030 / 5040 / 60
Specific Weight (g/cm3)< 2.8< 2.8< 2.8< 2.8
Bulk Density (g/cm3)< 1.6< 1.6< 1.6< 1.6
Solubility in Acid (% lost)≤ 4.0≤ 5.0≤ 5.5≤ 7
Turbidity (%)≤ 70≤ 60≤ 50≤ 50
SizesApplied Pressure (Mpa)Breaking Resistance (%)
16/3070< 9
20/4070< 7.5
30/5070< 5.5
40/6070< 4.5

Data and specifications contained in this form may be subject to any change or modification by the manufacturer without notice. In case you need any clarification or you have any query, please contact our technical department.


“Ceramic Proppants” are used exclusively at the hydraulic fracture process (“fracking”), for the exploitation of not conventional natural gas deposit reservations (“shale gas”).

Hito Technical Industries, manufactures and commercializes “Ceramic Proppants” as the known variety “Light Weight”, which is the most amply used, bearing pressures till 8,000 psi (50 Mpa), that allow its utilization in a medium-low deep perforations, even in a success way against the traditional silica sand.

Hito Technical Industries uses a innovative production system for making “Ceramic Proppants”, introducing small sizes micro crystalline structures, with a total absence of porosity, due to more than 30 years experience of producing the most advanced ceramic products.

“Ceramic Proppants” are peculiar for its high mechanic resistance, low breaking standard, good spherical form and roundness, with an excellent superficial high finish, which confer them great permeability and conductivity, getting both an increment of productivity and efficiency in the wells.

Hito Technical Industries “Ceramic Proppants”, carry out with all the specifications to be used at any kind of shallow perforations.


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